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The Art of

Four music pieces, plus motion comic. It's a party!

Newly-recorded: three songs, one instrumental,
plus a cartoon, and black & orange Hallowe'en cats

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Origin date

Witnessing /
Tune to Marijuana

Head Shop Songs
pre-1976 / Summer 1974

from the musical
The Mad Wizard

Short & Tall tales1970s

The Beast with Four Heads
Motion-ized comic
originally published as
Daily Doodles,
1997 Oct 19-26
Short & Tall Tales

The War Begins
a/k/a Pleas
Short & Tall Tales
1973 Jun 16

Can't Dance
(Electric Display)
Love's Lost and Found

The Beast with Four Heads

"Where Am I?"
from the musical
The Mad Wizard

Audio sources, gratefuly acknowledged:

Fire, Frogs, and Forest ambiance

Mouse squeaking sfx
All Sounds, YouTube

Snake hiss
Jojikiba, YouTube

Possum Noise
Scott Magee, YouTube

Pet Opossum Complaining
Kenneth Jones DVM, YouTube

Rat stuck in glue trap and squealing
15digitusername, YouTube

Sights and sounds highlight fair carnival experience
The Record (Stockton, CA), YouTube

Circus Theme music
Kristopher Lambert, YouTube

Betty Boop
"Halloween Party"

Fleisher Studios 1933

Old Wizard Bong
1972 Earthworks TM

Recorded 2016 Oct 24-25
at, Bartlesville
"Beast" illustrated & motion-ized, &
all lyrics & tunes written, performed, &
© by Mindful Webworker

Support & inspiration: M.J. Clark II

"Raspberry": Majic Clark

Yes, it really was raspberry leaf.

Short & Tall Tales

The War was over as soon as it had Begun

I started out with some short, simple cartoonish lyrics.

I had tunes in mind to go with the lyrics.

So I picked up instruments and learned to write crude musical notation, which didn't really convey the tunes.

So I started playing and recording the songs, so my intended tunes could be heard.

I started out as a lyricist, became a composer, then a performer, all the while still mainly thinking of myself as a cartoonish lyricist.

Over decades, some songs held up better than others. Lyrics about which I was so serious came to seem to me overly serious, subtle turns of phrase became what did I mean by thats.

Some tired old songs, I do my best to be serious and give them a good performance.

Other songs, I just can't bring myself to sing them.

This is one of those. It was intended as a kind of post-nuclear war lament and encouragement to rebuild. I was probably trying to do something like Jefferson Airplane's "Wooden Ships."

Crosby & Nash with Grace Slick - Wooden Ships

I may publish the lyrics, some day, at least to show how the chord notations are supposed to be paced, but for now, I'm just posting this page as a place-holder for the song.

Performed, instrumental, in Mindful Webworkshop #12, 2016 Oct 28.

Short & Tall Tales

You will all know what I do

       C          Bb            F
By the time I was caught in the trap
               C          Am  G
It was already too late
       C         Bb         F
By the time I discovered my error
                  C      Am  G
Too much had been done
       C          Bb
By the time I got out
    F                      C      Am  G
The damage was pretty well total
       C         Bb           F
By the time I convince you in words
He could have everyone.
Am        G
Listen to me!
      C        Bb          F
If we all turn away pretty soon
                       C     Am  G
You will all know what I do
      C           Bb           F
If we all just pretend we will have
                  C     Am  G
No more places to hide
      C            Bb           F
If we all stop and think we can see
                  C     Am G
What we were just isn't anymore
      C            Bb          F
If we talk to each other we'll know
the Wizard has lied.
              Am        G
Why won't you listen to me?
From the musical "The Mad Wizard."
Performed in Mindful Webworkshop #12, 2016 Oct 28.

Love's Lost and Found

Can't I get away at all?

Eb          B          Eb      Db
Why can't I dance as I used to do
Eb         Db     Eb   Db
Can't get away at all
Eb          B        Eb      Db
Each time I rise on occasion
Eb             Db          Eb      Db
The music will stumble and falter
   Eb     B            Eb         Db
If only I touched the electric display
     Eb         Db       Eb  Db
That powered me years ago
Eb        B      Bb    Ebm
I could enjoy my naivete
       D                     Am
And forget what I've come to know
Amb5          G
Salad days of innocence
Amb5                  G
Blessed ignorance was bliss
Amb5               G
The depth of my perception
Fm                    Dbmaj7/G
Enhancing what I miss

Cm - G   Amb5 - G   Fm7 - G
Performed in Mindful Webworkshop #12, 2016 Oct 28.

One new and two previously-recorded
but unreleased songs.
Whatever was found in the discard barrel.

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Song title (linked to lyrics)
Origin date

Given Half a Chance
Recorded 2016 Oct 18
for Webworkshop #11.
ca. 1978-1979
Best of Spirits

It's Your Decision
Original recorded for Webworkshop #8.
Actually two takes spliced together.
See if you can spot the splice.
Best of Spirits

The Great American Song
Originally recorded and released
as a "single" music video 2012 Mar 27.
From two partial takes strung together.
Watch for the change of attire.
Re-rolled here for HD wide screen
with slight modifications of video,
and an added vocals track
recorded 2016 Oct 19.
ca. 1975 August
Short & Tall Tales

Recorded at, Bartlesville,
except for "Great American Song,"
recorded at Margaret B's B&B, Tulsa.
All lyrics & tunes
created, performed, &
© Mindful Webworker
except for the 5-note theme
from "Close Encounters."

Media sources, gratefully acknowledged:

Laurel & Hardy
The Music Box


The Great American Song:
Allen Sherman
Amber Waves
Arlo Guthrie
Cannonball Adderley
Francis Scott Key
Herman's Hermits
Janis Joplin
Jorma Kaukonen
Klaus Voorman
Mary Hopkin
Money Pile
Napoleon Coronation
Richard Nixon
Randy Newman
Scott Joplin
Tom Lehrer
US Flag
War Kittens
Woody Guthrie