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Radical Incline

Propaganda Props

Psychological Human Trafficking

Caution: Fake News Ahead
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Or Your Lying Eyes

a lamerik
The Enemy will rig and gerrymander,
and gladly shade the truth, and lie, and slander.
But as if they just quit trying,
All now see right through their lying.
So obvious, when you take a proper gander.

Radical Incline

Ojos Locos

The windows to the soullessness

Cortez eyes, close-up

Radical Incline


When Putsch Comes to Shove

Acosta/Kav shoves intern/Ginsburg

Radical Incline

Day Saving Time

The nifty new plan to replace Daylight Saving Time

Eternal clock
The Democrats have promised, if they regain a majority in Congress, they will replace the current Daylight Saving Time with…
Day Saving Time!

In the Spring, a day will be dropped from the calendar, moving Sunday to Monday, and Tuesday-through-Saturday replaces Monday-through-Friday, and Saturday moves to Sunday.

Then, in the Fall, a day is added to move everything back to its proper place.

Vote Dem, this coming Wednesday!

confused ape