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The Art of

Nothing Much

Admissions of limitations as a songsmith.

Eb            Db      C
Ain't nothin' much in music
    Bb           C
The words barely rhyme
Bb               C
Nothing profound most of the time

    Eb        Db      C
And maybe the songs I sing
     Bb         C
Mean nothing to you
   Bb               C
Forget them all  is all you'll do

     C             D       E     Am
I suppose it's too much to hope
F       E
I could make you cry
Am     E
Love's tear in your eye
E          D
--- A song so full of beauty
E                 D
You would come to see your duty
Eb            Db
--- Or one to help you along
Just enough to get by

   C     Bb    C         Bb
Oh my oh my oh live your life
    C     Bb    C         Bb
And my oh my oh take your chances
    C          Bb   C            Bb
The secret who sits right in the center
C          Bb         C          Bb
Loves everyone in the circle who dances
    Eb    Db            C
Yet now before I stray away
     Bb                      C
From what I first set out to say
  Eb          Db           C
I hope you'll stay for the whole show
 Bb - C    Bb - C
(hm - mm   hm - mm)

    C      D              E       Am
And if you can't take the songs I sing
   F                E            Am  E
If they don't reach you where we all are
Eb         Db         C
    That's all right, too.
Bb                       C
They weren't written for you.
Performed in Mindful Webworkshop #1

The Art of

Anyone Can

Universal encouragment of confident pictographic self-expression

…so go ahead and doodle!

Sure, Bob
Anyone can
Don't you?