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Radical Incline

Another winning Democrat team-up

The Art of

Hint #1: It's All Natural

This picture was sent to my cell from a number I didn't recognize:

Looks like cabbage?

Can you guess what it is?

Toasted coconut run through a food processor and layered with phyllo dough, nuts, and honey, ready to bake after adding a fruit filling in the center?

A cunning navigational instrument found on an ancient sunken Greek ship, covered in seaweed?

Hint #2: I figured out the picture had been sent to me by our auto mechanic.

I had taken the truck in because of a horrendous noise in the blower for the heat/AC.

The picture is that blower, infested.

The truck had been parked for several days. Some pack rats apparently had decided the blower for the heat/AC was a great winter nesting place.

Ran much quieter once that stuff was removed.

Our cats have been alerted to guard the truck henceforth.

Radical Incline

{if stressed}{run talking point}

Non-Player Characters
Don’t even try to make sense of what they say and do.
They are just performing their instruction list.


The thoughtless tics and bizarre mannerisms
are actually features, not bugs.