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Mon 2018 Jan 1

Mon 2018 Jan 1, 11:59am
On PoliNation

Ting: we have to drive home in flip flops

More proof that women will literally kill themselves for fashion.

Man: I put on the extra-heavy insulated snow boots this morning, just to walk around the house.

Woman: Pedicure, flip-flops. Through the slush puddles.

HNY, Ting! Make 2018 Great Again. For the first time.

Sun 2017 Dec 31

Sun 2017 Dec 31, 8:12pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

I am not a professional theologian or scriptural scholar, and I hate to take issue on a trivial matter of exegesis in this festive season of many days of Christmas, but…

The wise men did not visit the holy family when they were still residing in a medieval European shed shared with animals. No, scripture clearly indicates that they didn't bring Rudolph until some weeks later. And their names were Frosty, Santa, and Scrooge.


Adoring Magi

Sun 2017 Dec 31, 12:46pm
On PoliNation

Over on Ace of Spades, Vic is the acerbic old commenter and master of the news links reminding me of someone here! Vic's second item in this morning's news was this:

Trump halts yet another Obama crap-fest plan. He agreed (supposedly) to finance half the $13B cost for another railway tunnel between NJ and NYC that would only benefit NJ commuters to NYC. Trump says there was no record of any such agreement and since this was a local project for the benefit of locals the federal government would not finance any of it. I love it.

Been like this practically every day since the inauguration. If I'm not careful, I may even start to have hope again.

Not used to feeling good, this good,
When I'm not even sinning.
That Trump he lied to me, he said,
That I'd get tired of winning!
Not yet!

Sun 2017 Dec 31, 12:36pm
On PoliNation

May blessings of heath, wealth, and joy trickle into your and your family's life all year long, chrissy. And alla y'all PoliNators.

I hope nobody minds if I post a pic of the greatest blessing MIlady and I had in 2017 (if this works):
Dax 1st Christmas
Top that, 2018!

Sun 2017 Dec 31, 12:19pm
On PoliNation

This looks like one incredible and extensive report on Iran, Pete. Filed for study later today when my toes get warmer.

Sun 2017 Dec 31, 12:17pm
On PoliNation

PP: At least we won’t be forced to see that miserable tramp Kathy Griffin making an ass of herself on national TV this year

Yeah, her plan to have the Times Square ball be a giant severed Trump head didn't pan out too well.

Can you even imagine crowding into Times Square for New Year's Eve? Ever? Much less in this arctic blast.

Sat 2017 Dec 30

Sat 2017 Dec 30, 12:13pm
On Arlo and Janis

Belated Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2018 from the Webworker household to you, JJ.

Thanks for all the years of A&J. Milady and I have grown old with those friends-in-four-panels.

Fri 2017 Dec 29

Fri 2017 Dec 29, 12:33am
On Stilton's Place

A belated Merry Christmas and hearty Happy New Year, Stilton. Will try to survive without you until next year.

Tue 2017 Dec 26

Tue 2017 Dec 26, 6:59pm
On PoliNation

Wait-- is Christmas Day the Pear Tree day or is today Happy Two Turtle Doves day? (Counts on fingers and toes… if Epiphany is Lords a Leaping, then…) Never mind, lost track.

Had a good family dinner and unwrapped many things. Our grandbaby's first Christmas - he's so cute!

Staying a second night at Mom's tonight, then back home, but not looking forward all that much to going outside. We're warmer than you folks up North, but we're hanging around zero°F. Mom's house is snug and warm with a merry, if fake, fireplace. Our place is not so snug or warm… but does have kittehs. (Daughter's feeding them while we're away.)

Sun 2017 Dec 24

Sun 2017 Dec 24, 3:14pm
On PoliNation

Well, the Chrismas Miracle has begun. Already had our first family blow-up and we aren't even all at Mom's yet. The miracle, of course, is we forgive, forget, and plod on as family.

So, in case I get stuck in off-line life, Merry Christmas to the PoliNation family - glad to have shared years here in the garden.

Recycling a Christmas card from 2012:

Elf Eggs

Fri 2017 Dec 22

Fri 2017 Dec 22, 6:57pm
On PoliNation

PoliticalClownParade, yeah, my abacus put me at 2 yrs younger than Pete, too. But I figured it based on 10¢ comic book price. By the time I got to buy my own comic (vs reading what older sibs got), it was up to 12¢. :)

Thu 2017 Dec 21

Thu 2017 Dec 21, 6:49pm
On PoliNation

Heh. Great come-back.

The poor left, never learning that when you stick your shoe in your mouth it's a bad time to shoot yourself in the foot.

Thu 2017 Dec 21, 6:42pm
On PoliNation

There's some gems here.

The kiss goodnight apparently involved some serious contortions. Whoo!

Thu 2017 Dec 21, 6:33pm
On PoliNation

These are always so surreal, because, it's just a parody account… right? RIGHT??? I mean, these days, I'd believe almost anything of the mad folk.

I :lol:'d at the "Pagent." It's where they'd really like to drive us! Celebrating nothing.

Wed 2017 Dec 20

Wed 2017 Dec 20, 1:04am
On Johnny Optimism

"That explains the blood." Stilton, you are really out there. Love you. Johnny Optimism is a great strip. But, out there. :P

Tue 2017 Dec 19

Tue 2017 Dec 19, 1:06pm
On PoliNation

Milady and I just watched the little girl with her new kitten. Kleenex alert indeed. Funny how we show happy sometimes, isn't it!

Our dog of some 15 years died at the beginning of November. We aren't looking for a new one, but this vid did make us miss our dear old friend.

Tue 2017 Dec 19, 12:51pm
On PoliNation

We overran our data limit this month, and AT&T charged us $15 for more megabytes until the end of the period (3 days from now), so I suppose I could look at these videos over the cell hotspot, but I think I'll wait until I get to town where the unlimited high-speed wifi is. We really need to get into the 21st Century out here on the ranch.

(Well, progress. When we first moved back here it was sometimes-as-much-as 1200-baud dial-up... to old CompuServe! Skreeee whaaaank bzzzzzz whhhrrrrr those were days.)

Would it be inappropriate to tout my own 99% Jesus-free secular Christmas video here? From a year ago, before everything broke down, the last recording I got to do - possibly best taken in small doses rather than all 11 minutes at once:

Mindful Webworkshop Episode #16 - Christmas
A politically incorrect and culturally inappropriate Christmas show - pop song parodies and original tunes sure to put coal in my stocking.

Tue 2017 Dec 19, 12:24pm
On PoliNation

Sorry to be a downer here, but there is considerable, and complicated, suspicion of "Red Pill Black." She has all the right words, but some of her recent-past actions suggest she's not on the level. I won't search out the vids of folks suggesting this, but there are many. I'm not sure what to think.

She's cute... but I still prefer Diamond and Silk. :)

Mon 2017 Dec 18

Mon 2017 Dec 18, 7:25pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Went to daughter's ten thousandth performance in the Nutcracker (kidding - I've learned to enjoy it). Actually two, Sat. night and Sun. afternoon.

As always with live performance, there were a couple of glitches - props and little kids, what could go wrong. With kids, it can be cute. Props, not so much.

For the performance of "Snow," they have some snow-dropping thing that sprinkles snowflakes while they dance. Except, you could see a few flakes falling at other times, from the opening party through the finale.

Daughter says it was snow falling on lights, and when the lights would move, flakes would fall off.

But, it just made me think of this (and PoliNation) blogs, with the constantly falling "snow."

Thought of you while we watched. :D

Mon 2017 Dec 18, 6:58pm
On PoliNation

For some reason, I LOL'd at the "Long ago in a Galilee far, far away."

Use the force, Luke... and John... and Mark... and Matthew...