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Sat 2018 Jun 30

Sat 2018 Jun 30, 11:10am
On PoliNation

As someone pointed out on another blog, however leftish Kennedy may have been on social issues, he was rightish on government issues, and we have to respect that he knows full well the gift he is handing Trump and the nation by stepping down now. So, give him that.

Wed 2018 Jun 27

Wed 2018 Jun 27, 12:36pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Okay, BoB, I hit the Like button just because I like that you posted it. But I didn’t really watch it. Too soon. I had already just watched it only thirty or so years ago.

Tue 2018 Jun 26

Tue 2018 Jun 26, 2:29pm
On PoliNation

"…liberals across the country announced they were suddenly in favor of allowing businesses the right to refuse service…"

You know how I know this is parody? It suggests liberals would have consistent principles.


Just got through going over the candidates with our hard-researching Dear Daughter. We depend on her every election. Among her many talents and tasks, Daughter works in a popular local restaurant. Some of our choices may have been based on good vs lousy tipping candidates she's served. :)

We also get to vote on (hahaha sure) "medical" marijuana for Oklahoma. Only good thing about it is, if you have unlicensed pot, you'd have to pay a hefty fine, but no jail time. The rest is bogus backdoor legalization, of course. (Mostly, I wish the States vs Fed pot laws would get ironed out; meanwhile, it's a bit of a Constitutional crisis.)

And I have to go in and vote on all the candidates, and pot semi-legalization, cold soberly! Don't even have a Snickers bar.

"Allergies" - quasi-autobiographical Head Shop comic from 1997.

Mon 2018 Jun 25

Mon 2018 Jun 25, 7:48pm
On PoliNation

The "Verse of the Day": "Who can hide in secret places so that I cannot see them?” declares the LORD. “Do not I fill heaven and earth?” declares the LORD.”

Even as a kid, I understood the Almighty's omniscience.

Which made it hard to understand how Adam and Eve thought they could hide behind a bush. "He'll never find us here!" :?

Which brings to mind
God And Man - Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee

Mon 2018 Jun 25, 3:45pm
On PoliNation

Steve Scalise’s Call For Civility And Respect Draws Unbelievable Response
Madeline Osburn, The Federalist

Red Hen restaurant owner at STDregistry. She seems nice... :roll:

Trump tweet: "The Red Hen Restaurant should focus more on cleaning its filthy canopies, doors and windows (badly needs a paint job)..."
(Spoken like a businessman!)

Sun 2018 Jun 24

Sun 2018 Jun 24, 11:32pm
On PoliNation

Thank you for posting these.

The first interview, and the Fox interview were informative.

I'm less than halfway through the Anderson Pooperscooper clip, and it's beyond wearying how Andy keeps interrupting and arguing. It borders on bullying. d'Sousa is clear-headed and doesn't let himself get shut down. "If I started worshiping Obama....." hahahaha.

Sun 2018 Jun 24, 10:57pm
On PoliNation

I'm just here to keep you on your tows. :roll:

Sun 2018 Jun 24, 11:15am
On PoliNation

Haven't run the vids yet, but just wanted to snark that the first one, you say, was recorded July 28, 2018…? With a time machine. Good trick. :D

Good morning.

Fri 2018 Jun 22

Fri 2018 Jun 22, 7:24pm
On PoliNation

freedom1781: "I am just so sick and tired if all the hate coming from the left. It’s getting really old."

Sick - understandable. But don't tire yet - that's what they want. And there's a lot more to come from them!

As an online fellow says every morning, Let's smile, and be happy, and strike fear into the hearts of killjoy leftists everywhere!

Thu 2018 Jun 21

Thu 2018 Jun 21, 5:42pm
On PoliNation

I saw what I believe to be a golden eagle soaring in our trees this morning. Seen 'em before, a lot, this year. Think they may be nesting in one of the Ponderosas.

When the old gray cat disappeared earlier this year, we knew it could've been any of a couple of dozen things happened to him, but birds of prey are high on the list. We even have raptors from small hawks to big bald eagles around. Beautiful, and terrifying. Flying dinosaurs.

I feel sad when I think he may have been enraptored.

I never before had the idea of the enraptured being caught up in angelic clutches, hissing and clawing and screaming and fighting the whole way, although, I am familiar with people for whom, in this life, that's the only way to get them to the truth. :D

Thu 2018 Jun 21, 9:45am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

What a great picture! Thanks.

I was reading the news elsewhere, and I thought, I need a dose of BoB. It worked.

Never really adhered to the "First day of [season]" at the equinoxes and solstices. As a kid, Summer began when school let out, and ended when school began, but those were the good ol' days when schools gave us June, July, and August off.

And besides, we've had summer-like weather since April. ☼

Great picture. The innocence of the happy fisherman, the wildness of the cat. Someone clicked at the perfect moment.

Tue 2018 Jun 19

Tue 2018 Jun 19, 3:28pm
On PoliNation

"Daily Wire editor-in-chief and podcast sensation, Ben Shapiro"

I tried to watch this. Couldn't take more than a minute of this NeverTrumper soyboy's whiny voice. Might give him a try again in the daylight. Or, might be the first PragerU vid I couldn't watch.

Here's my take on 'intersectionality.'

Fri 2018 Jun 15

Fri 2018 Jun 15, 8:25pm
On PoliNation

By coincidence, today, Milady and I ventured for the first time into the notorious chicken place. New one in town. Managed to catch it in a slow period between meal hours - still busy even then.

We rarely go for fast food, and never chicken, so I don't have much to compare it to. Okay for fast food. Milady would like the fries more if they were crispier.

I had a peach shake. It was good. I'll pay for it later.

Thu 2018 Jun 14

Thu 2018 Jun 14, 3:55pm
On PoliNation

"The amount of money we get from George Soros has been GREATLY over exaggerated."

Not just exaggerated.
Not just over exaggerated.


Also: Soros funded daycare: *shudder*

Tue 2018 Jun 12

Tue 2018 Jun 12, 8:16pm
On PoliNation

Planned Parenthood in Kansas City, Missouri, has stopped doing abortions, because they can’t find anyone to do the procedures. Also, 8 out of 11 women have failed to return after the 3-day waiting period thanks to pro-life activists who have offered assistance and information.

Either one of those statements would be remarkable in and of itself.

Mon 2018 Jun 11

Mon 2018 Jun 11, 8:48pm
On PoliNation

Got this notice today:

Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 7 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

I haven't actually been blogging until very recently.

Joined WordPress just so I could comment here on PoliNation.

Had to check. It really has been that long! My first comment, welcomed by Bluebird and Frankly and chrissy.

We've certainly seen a lot together!

Sun 2018 Jun 10

Sun 2018 Jun 10, 5:26pm
On PoliNation

In the photo above, what you don't see is Trudeau cropped out on the right, and Trump looks much less isolated.

There's another pic of Trump at the G7 where everyone looks much happier and friendlier - as someone said, looks like Trump is holding court. Bolton, even Merkle, smiling.

So easy to propagandize with careful photo selection. Glad we have the internet to break through their web of distortion.

Thu 2018 Jun 7

Thu 2018 Jun 7, 3:33pm
On PoliNation

When one gets to Hieronymus Bosch levels of pain, there is no relief.

(I was going to link some hideous Bosch pic here, but, they were all a little too out there.)

Tue 2018 Jun 5

Tue 2018 Jun 5, 6:01pm
On Arlo and Janis

Never change, Ludwig!

"allowing him to express himself with body language and facial expressions"

Funny. Milady Webworker just came in from the porch, amazed at how expressive cats can be in communicating. This one indicted she didn't want to be fed inside - by staying outside. Then, Milady set the bowl on a porch chair (where this cat sometimes likes it) but the cat just looked over at some low bricks (up off the ground means fewer ants). Moved the bowl and she chowed down.

And we swear one of the other cats has learned to approximate saying "yogurt." Spoiled and dangerous!

Tue 2018 Jun 5, 4:36pm
On PoliNation

Milady and I ran a couple of apartment buildings in Chicago for about fourteen years. Kept the buildings in great shape, tried to keep tenants happy. (One realtor looked at our rents and called Milady the "Mother Theresa of Uptown." A bit extreme, but comparatively....) We did okay, but hardly got rich.

We were obviously doing it wrong.