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Sat 2018 Feb 17

Sat 2018 Feb 17, 11:07am
On PoliNation

That cartoon is a great depiction of the crazy investigations.

I've seen many objections to the whole Mueller investigation, how it should be ended, Trump should have fired him, that kind of thing. Yet look! All Trump has done is mostly ignore it, and the longer it's gone on, the more it's blown up in the faces of Trump's opposition like a trick cigar.

Thu 2018 Feb 15

Thu 2018 Feb 15, 5:11pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

You've truly outdone yourself this time, with the family album, BoB.

Bitter Birthday to Blue
Bitter Birthday to Blue
Bitter Birthday to Bluebird
This really doesn't sound right.

Thu 2018 Feb 15, 4:18pm
On PoliNation

It's taken me days to get to a reply on this, but I've thought of it every day since you posted it.

What you went through is unjust, I deem. I know I got a few undeserved whoopin's, but I understood what they thought I had done, even if I hadn't. Like all justice, Parental Justice is best when swift and sure, but the sure part requires knowing where the boundaries are.

I'm glad our Bluebird emerged from your trials.

My family had a, um, live-in nursemaid or something for a while, after my little sister was born, and as a fine upstanding Christian woman she would never say a bad word.

She did, however, frequently employ the variant "Oh, shoot a blue bean!"

GRAB THE SOAP! :mrgreen:

Thu 2018 Feb 15, 12:31am
On PoliNation

Enjoyed looking through these with Milady and having her laugh heartily.

Thanks for the Hearty laughs, Pete.

Wed 2018 Feb 14

Wed 2018 Feb 14, 6:04pm
On PoliNation

Skimming the Stupid Milk

It's amusing to me to listen to traditional libertarians (like Julie Borowski) or old-fashioned liberals (like Sargon). I like them. Their best principles are practically indistinguishable from limited-government Constitutional conservatism. Quite different from the open-borders legalize-everything extremists who took over the Libertarian Party and certainly nothing like the tyrannical collectivist regressives going as Liberals. I can understand why traditional liberals and libertarians wouldn't think of calling themselves conservatives, though, if the models of conservatism are RINOs and DIABLOs.

Sliced Stupid Bananas

As usual, the irony of projection here, as MacLean showed no solidarity nor empathy with autistics. Let me see if I can re-work this to better accuracy?

“Many of the architects of so-called Progressivism seem to be what Ann Barnhardt calls "Diabolical Narcissists"—you know, people who don’t feel solidarity or empathy with others.”

Wed 2018 Feb 14, 4:04pm
On Stilton's Place

I was gonna say

Earwigs: Looks like that gal is about to have the same wardrobe malfunction as the Olympic skater.

But Doug M half-way beat me to it.

It's like the Obama portraits: Every single thing I thought of to do altering those paintings, someone else, sometimes two or three someones else, had beat me to it.

It's a jungle out there in memeland.

Tue 2018 Feb 13

Tue 2018 Feb 13, 2:01pm
On PoliNation

I had a half-dozen ideas for variations on the portraits. Before 48 hours had passed, every one of them had been done by somebody. But it's how the World Wide Mind works.

At least two folks did variations on substituting a toilet for the chair.

Two I've seen turning the background into cannabis.

Couple of variations on the vines taking over / Obama fades into background.

At least two placing him in the ivy at Wrigley Field.

And two I saw that echoed that great Empty Chair meme. (One must be cautious when crossing the memes!)

The meme-weavers are just so darn fast & plentiful nowadays!

And one of Michelle that… actually, funny as it was, best not to talk about it. ;)

Mon 2018 Feb 12

Mon 2018 Feb 12, 2:38pm
On PoliNation

As I read elsewhere this morning:

Fascinating Paradox: The more Trump gets investigated, the more crimes are exposed involving Democrats.

Sun 2018 Feb 11

Sun 2018 Feb 11, 12:28pm
On PoliNation

Meanwhile, Dr. Susan Berry at Breitbart notes that Planned Parenthood will still be receiving over half a billion dollars in taxpayer funds, thanks to congressional Republicans.

Half a billion - that oughta buy a whole lotta mammograms.

Sat 2018 Feb 10

Sat 2018 Feb 10, 4:16pm
On PoliNation

"Say it,forget it;write it,regret it."

Succinctly put. Is that a Grannyism?

And of course, not so true in the days of the Hot Mic. Ask Mr. "More Flexible" about that.

Sat 2018 Feb 10, 10:48am
On PoliNation

Gotta ask: Ivory, Lava, or (shudder!) Irish Spring? ;)

Never got the soapy mouth treatment, but, then, as 4th of 5 kids, I learned by watching what got the older ones in trouble, and how not to get punished. I was a good boy, but still got the business end of Dad's belt a couple of times, just because. But no soap.

I didn't really bust out in bad words, anyway, until the day at the lake when my step-brother threw a huge rock that didn't make it to the lake but landed instead smack on top of my head. It was like a door opened. I said words I didn't even know I knew. (With grown-ups within earshot, no less.) Somehow, on that one, I got a pass.

Sat 2018 Feb 10, 10:37am
On PoliNation

'Nother think:

Back before there was a World Wide Web, back even before CompuServe, back before we had BBS, or online anything, I learned something very important: never commit to voice or paper* anything that you wouldn't want your mommy to read on the front page. Even the most privately-shared thoughts have a funny way of becoming publicly known.

Yet these people merrily leave a broad, plain digital trail of their conniving and criminality that now really is on the front pages. I'm grateful they're so stupid, though, for that.

Sat 2018 Feb 10, 10:30am
On PoliNation

Page: "No support for the woman who actually has to spend the rest of her life rearing this child, but we care about ‘life.’ Assholes."

Wow. That is… really, really twisted.Right up there with flap-ears talking about not wanting his daughter to be "punished" with a child.

These people seem unacquainted with the joys of parenthood!

Sat 2018 Feb 10, 10:16am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Another great collection, BoB. Some new to me, and a couple of classics, like the cat caught on the venetian blinds. How long has that been floating around the web, I wonderz? Always wondered if the cat were stuck long enough for the owner to snap that pic, or if it was just a quick, lucky shot.

In looking for a cute icon for my OPS blog, I ran across this page about raccoons, where I thought you might like to mine a photo or two - scroll down for the one with three little guys.

Fri 2018 Feb 9

Fri 2018 Feb 9, 2:49pm
On PoliNation

Um, after my previous comment, I immediately next found this: TruthRevolt says Schumer wanted to eat a Tide pod.

So we must have Moor Lawz!

Some people worry about non-allergenic laundry materials, others willingly ingest poison. Is being in a free country great, or what?

Fri 2018 Feb 9, 2:41pm
On PoliNation

While many chortles were had on this collection (haha! the contrasting apartment door signs), I especially liked the 1040 (had to pop it up in another tab and magnify, but totes worth it).

(Did I just use "totes" unironically? Help me!)

I read some Legislator wants to demand Tide make their pods not so delicious-looking. As if it were being mistaken for candy by children, as opposed to being eaten by idiots for YouTube clicks!

Fri 2018 Feb 9, 12:43pm
On Lost Issues

Somebody somewhere asked if the Black Panther had met his Pink cousin. I thought, I should pass that team-up idea along to SuperTeam Family, but, then, I reconsidered. You've pulled off some wacky team-ups, but the Panthers would be too silly. Then I saw Hex-El Kabong… :D

Thu 2018 Feb 8

Thu 2018 Feb 8, 4:38pm
On PoliNation

And to think, we let these filthy, murdering beasts up on our bed!

Hey, you know those "related" links below the post? I usually don't even look at them, because, you can get lost in serial linkage.

Just now I followed a "Funny Stuff" related link to INCOHERENT BABBLING CAN BE FUN! by Pete from Sep 17, 2014. Whattaya know, still fresh and funny.

Alas, not so much with Pete's Friday Funhouse from Aug 16, 2013. All the images in the main post are gone, and some of the videos in the comments.

Still has "kid startled by jack-in-the-box" video, so there's that. :D

Wed 2018 Feb 7

Wed 2018 Feb 7, 5:17pm
On Will S.' Sunny Side Blog

Getting caught up on backlog of Sunny Side going back months. Having fun.

This post of yours led me to StPetersList which has an article about our bellicose Santa and scroll down for several funny on-topic posters.

Tue 2018 Feb 6

Tue 2018 Feb 6, 3:48pm
On PoliNation

Schumer's head seems to keep getting sucked further and further down between his shoulders. Possibly a result of the vacuum created by the absence of his heart and soul.

PP: The daily installment of “who cares?”

Pete cares! It shows! And we appreciate it.