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Tue 2018 Feb 6

Tue 2018 Feb 6, 3:27pm
On PoliNation

Trudeau Corrects Woman: Say ‘Peoplekind’ Instead of ‘Mankind’ It’s ‘More Inclusive’

Manterrupts woman to mansplain femspeak. Eau du irony!

Related Ghostbusters clip (linked, not embedded, because, kiddies)


Tue 2018 Feb 6, 3:08pm
On PoliNation

Clinton: Women ‘Will Be Primarily Burdened’ by Climate Change

The poor, poor Superior sex, first victims of all forces, but equal to men in everything, so level the playing field but tilt it in our favor… um, wait, my brain hurts.

Tue 2018 Feb 6, 3:04pm
On PoliNation

PP: "Trump’s lawyers reportedly don’t want him talking to Mueller – It’s advice he should take"

I dunno. I liked the commenter somewhere who said, Trump should sit down across the table from Mueller and his first words should be, "You're fired!" Preferably live on the web.

Mon 2018 Feb 5

Mon 2018 Feb 5, 9:21pm
On Beckoning Chasm, YouTube

Nice work, BC. Looking forward to s'more.

Sun 2018 Feb 4

Sun 2018 Feb 4, 12:06pm
On Lost Issues

If I was ever aware of "Super-Dagwood" (from comics not strips, I presume) I have long forgotten it.

Dagwood / Jughead / Wimpy is truly inspired, though. "It's Tuesday!" Bwhahaha.

Riverdale: We watched several episodes and kept hoping, really gave it a chance, but then one day we said, if this weren't based on, and twisting evilly, those old cherished characters, would we be watching it at all? Quit.

Archie's publisher also forced upon us the Comics Code, IIRC. As far as the deviance, perversion, and creepiness done to squeaky-clean Archie, he should be spinning in his grave (assuming he's not alive).

Sat 2018 Feb 3

Sat 2018 Feb 3, 1:25pm
On PoliNation

Pistol Pete hits the bullseye again - good post, PP.

The #RussiaGate Cash Flow poster was well done. Simple and informative.


Sat 2018 Feb 3, 10:40am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

These are tremendous fun. While the four cats in the first one are cute, I think the d'awww award goes to the b&w (?) pic of the kitten hugging-straddling the pipe on the radiator.

We need a supplemental space heater In our in-town office, and the lonely cat likes to sit smack in front of it. Then he's fun to hug.

:( One week ago tonight, as usual, I let the home cats out after dinner to do their business in the yard (saves litter). Our cats were always indoor-outdoor. You really can't keep them inside.

The old man Spark never came home.

Sixteen years ago we found Spark and his sister, Spirit, as tiny gray kittens abandoned by the road in the woods. I hate losing one of our furry pals, but when one just disappears, it's the worst. Been long ages since one just disappeared on us.

Spark was a great cat. Our hearts ache. Sorry for downer comment attached to your funny pix. Mixed bag Caturday.

Fri 2018 Feb 2

Fri 2018 Feb 2, 12:07pm
On Johnny Optimism

Bruce Bleu: "He told me Steve plays 100 instruments."

Including, of course, the bicycle (for four hands, with a young Frank Zappa).

I'm 2/3rds of a century, but Smock Smock goes over my head.

(I'll take that one:
"Well, the smock is supposed to go on your arms, not over your head!" rimshot)

Fri 2018 Feb 2, 11:43am
On PoliNation

Many LOL's in this collection. Especially liked the "I can count" and red button ones and... okay, all of them.

The "Hillary wants Ginzberg's place" meme: There's one of these, same thing, except (IIRC) there's a third and fourth panel, one of Hillary's reaction (no caption, just surprise) and then Trump, with his cat-ate-the-canary grin.

Wed 2018 Jan 31

Wed 2018 Jan 31, 7:16pm
On PoliNation

Great post, Pete.

Here at Casa Webworker, Milady, Daughter, and I watched the SotU on the White House You-Tube channel. He hit all the right notes in all the right ways. Truly amazing. There were cheers, there were tears.

Maybe in another seven years, we might get tired of #winning - maybe. :D

Wed 2018 Jan 31, 6:40pm
On PoliNation

Closing old tabs, a couple of other items I thought might be of interest here.

Why I’m So Damn Pro Life (has a few cusswords like that)

On my birthday, a bunch of my friends came out, and i got exceedingly drunk. I ran into an old fling, nice enough girl. We had a one night stand.


How Cecile Richards Strengthened the Pro-Life Movement
"The outgoing Planned Parenthood president’s legacy can be felt on the other side of the abortion debate."


I usually don't comment on abortion, nor express my thoughts, because the whole issue is so very hard for me. I wasn't thinking about it at all in High School - it was still illegal after all - until the day a several-years-younger girl friend broke down and told me about her kitchen-table-top abortion and her horror that she was a murderer. Bullied into it at 12 or 13. Almost fifty years later I can hear her sobbing.

Wed 2018 Jan 31, 6:10pm
On PoliNation

Usually, the Bee's articles make me laugh. I just can't at this. (Not a swipe at you, BoB, or the Bee, just, you know, the subject is so unfunny.)

I ran across this article the other day at Christianity Today which I've been meaning to pass along to PoliNationals so since I'm clearing tabs today…:

Are Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Women Any Closer to Finding Common Ground?

Just seemed so strange to me. There really isn't any common ground. There are other issues pro-life and women's marchers might have in common, like, as it says, "shared concern over abuse at the hands of men in power," but on the main issue, what kind of commonality could there be between pro-life and anti-life - uh, I mean pro-"choice"??

Thu 2018 Jan 25

Thu 2018 Jan 25, 11:42am
On PoliNation

Milady Webworker notes that one could substitute the Shatner comma for the Walken comma without change.

Thu 2018 Jan 25, 11:25am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Normally, I might not have anything worth commenting on this one, but it so happens some commenter at AoS linked to this, so I share:
Prince Charles is visiting an Edinburgh hospital.…

Wed 2018 Jan 24

Wed 2018 Jan 24, 2:48pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

egorr says: I spied a pushme-pullyou!

My thought, also. Several look like those poor mutant animals that grow two heads. But, cute.

That first one is so cute, I may have to steal it. :D

Wed 2018 Jan 24, 1:11pm
On Stilton's Place

I would've laughed louder at the walnuts but I was still chuckling about the pizza delivery.

Wed 2018 Jan 24, 1:02pm
On Arlo and Janis

Something seems to have changed at GoComics. I always click from here to read the current dailies, but today I got all the framework but no funny. Doubtless altered to require JavaScript to read. I've got a policy about sites that require JavaScript to access content. Don't go. Sad.

Wed 2018 Jan 24, 11:30am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

BoB: He just came from the head shrinker.

Probably. You can tell he's a crazy Leftie. Small-minded. ;)

Tue 2018 Jan 23

Tue 2018 Jan 23, 1:00pm
On PoliNation

Don Lemon is either stupid or a liar

As they say often on another blog, embrace the power of and.

Tue 2018 Jan 23, 11:21am
On PoliNation

If you had told me a year ago that Milady and I would be chortling heartily at the news, I wouldn't've been able to imagine it. As soon as we ran into the news that the Dems had folded, we just roared. Two-and-a-half day shutdown, two of which were weekend. I may not exactly be tired of winning, but it is exhausting sometimes, day after day.

Quite a rich and meaty post here, Pete. Thanks.

Never play Chicken with the Trump Train

The wonderful thing is, Trump not only scolds the Dems but is simultaneously redefining the Repubs as to what they should be like. Making the GOP great again. Who would have guessed the last, best hope for the GOP would be a liberal from New York!

Illegal Alien Activists Turn on Democrats After Amnesty-or-Shutdown Fail

Milady says, I wondered how long that would take. Measured in hours, less than a day. Another win.

Nancy Pelosi to Democrats: Shutdown deal does not ‘diminish our leverage’

My first thought reading this was the same as cth's interjection: BWAHAHAHAHA! That's exactly what happened, Nan, and keeps happening. It's too sweet. I'm becoming win-diabetic.

DWS replied: “The one thing, I would say, that [Schumer] did get is the potential for momentum.”

And again CtH echoed my thought, "What on Earth does 'potential for momentum' mean?" It means they're grasping at straws and the straws are mirages.

Keep up the great work, Pete.