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Wed 2017 Nov 29

Wed 2017 Nov 29, 5:10pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

I've seen just a couple of these before, including The Faith Tones. With those hairdoos, how could I help but search on them:

All of the women were trained church musicians, accomplished pianists and organists, and were members of the Lottie Moon Missionary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem NC. Their combined talents, along with their availability, proved to be quite productive. They quickly became a much sought-after group among numerous Southern Baptist churches often lacking in talented or inspirational musical devotionals in the area.

…the original members of The Faith Tones performed in hundreds of non-denominational churches across the Southeastern and Southern U.S. for the next eight years up until 1972.

The last known documented performance of The Faith Tones took place on October 26, 1971 during a week-long revival celebration at the Tyro Baptist Church in Lexington, North Carolina.

I Laugh, Therefore, I AM blog

And Jesus Use Me is available for a listen.

Wed 2017 Nov 29, 12:54pm
On Lost Issues

Wait.. what? You've only now been introduced to ST:TAS? I kinda envy you. It's the second-best ST ever, being as it's really just an extension of TOS.

What's Adam Strange going to do to figure out who's who? Hit them with his blaster on stun? Oh, well, I'll find out when I read the story. ... uh ... oh, no...

Wed 2017 Nov 29, 12:43pm
On Stilton's Place

"Franken sense" - heh. Good one.

Tue 2017 Nov 28

Tue 2017 Nov 28, 4:00pm
On PoliNation

Keith Olbermann - I watched almost four minutes of this, thinking I'd see whatever he had to say about his giving up his show, but his Trumpphobic rant came first. Since each point he was trying to make was more ludicrous and fantastic than the one before it, I thought I'd better pull the plug before my brain caught whatever virus his has. Poor fellow.

Tue 2017 Nov 28, 2:04pm
On PoliNation

“I think what most people find offensive is Sen. Warren lying about her heritage to advance her career,” she [Sanders] told reporters.

Dang, that girl does get right to the heart of things. How are the Dems going to go after Trump on this without dragging out all Fauxcahauntus's skeletons? Bwahaha.


Mon 2017 Nov 27

Mon 2017 Nov 27, 5:40pm
On PoliNation

The rock in the picture isn't really Uranium, though. It's Kryptonite. Perfectly safe for indigenous earthlings. ;)

Sat 2017 Nov 25

Sat 2017 Nov 25, 2:26pm
On PoliNation

Ting! Been thinking, I see you here all the time but we don't much interact. I should "Like" your comments more. (heh) Anywhoo, belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Whacking Day?

Heh- in my browser, I can easily feed a highlighted word or phrase to any of several search engines. It's become such a habit, it's weird to be reading something actually printed and not be able to click and search on something. Whether it's some celeb name I didn't recognize, or just to check the pronunciation on a word, all the world's knowledge is just, you know, right here!

Better than the Junior Woodchuck's Guide.

Whacking Day is a Simpsons reference. Something Grampaw celebrated back when they wore onions on their belts in the fashion of the day, I think. The term just popped into my head and I had to check where I got it from! :D

Fri 2017 Nov 24

Fri 2017 Nov 24, 3:34pm
On PoliNation

Just thought of something else to be #ThankfulFor...

The person a heartbeat away from the Presidency is Mike Pence, not that miserable gnome Hillz ran with.

Also thought, earlier today, that I'm even thankful for ol' KJ, the Hillary fanboi, because that blog led me to PoliNation and Bluebird, which I might otherwise never have encountered!

Fri 2017 Nov 24, 3:32pm
On PoliNation

PP: Nothing else to look forward to for four months but cold,ice and snow.

Awwww, whattabout Valentine's Day? Groundhog Day? Whacking Day? You don't get together with family to celebrate these major holidays?

Mmmmm. Groundhog.

Just for the record, enjoying blue skies and temperature in the 70s right now. I truly am not looking forward to winter weather. At least I'm not up there in the frozen midwest!! :D

Fri 2017 Nov 24, 12:27am
On PoliNation

Have I mentioned lately how thankful I am for Pistol Pete? Great post for Turkey Day! Makes me smile, and I can sure use one.

Fri 2017 Nov 24, 12:18am
On PoliNation

I am thankful for the folks at PoliNation who bring the news and views, the fun and facts, the spirit of health and happiness. Chrissy, Pete, bluebird, and staff and commenters alike, who could not be grateful for PoliNation.

It's late. We had feast and family. Got to hold and play with and feed my new grandbaby. And five kinds of pie.

I've had worse days. :)

Fri 2017 Nov 24, 12:12am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Wanna know what I'm really thankful for?

You, bluebird of bitterness. You as we know you through your wonderful website.

Also, pie. I'm thankful for pie.


Tue 2017 Nov 21

Tue 2017 Nov 21, 3:41pm
On Weird Universe

Pardon me, ma'am, could you lift up your arms so I can read the first and last numerals?

Tue 2017 Nov 21, 3:01pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Didn't do accents. Just read it like an American reporter reading a Brit story. Staging this would be fun. Wonder if our bank would let us film it there? :D

Sat 2017 Nov 18

Sat 2017 Nov 18, 6:04pm
On PoliNation

PP: …the Pistol Pete thrill ride shut down many,many years ago.I have high blood pressure,severe emphysema and a pacemaker,so it would kill me anyway…

Congratulations! You are entitled to One Free Pass at a$$-grabbing, under the GHW Bush rule.

Sat 2017 Nov 18, 4:48pm
On Lost Issues

Speaking of mixing styles (lame segue)...

We have one month to go on our Classic DC Covers wall calendar. This month's was the great Flash-Superman race cover (Superman #199, 1967) with art by Murphy Anderson and Carmine Infantino. The mix of their distinct styles reminds me of covers here.

15 Impossible Superhero Crossovers (That Actually Happened) - meh team-ups compared to what we're used to here, but more proof Ross taps a vein (daily!) everyone enjoys.

Thu 2017 Nov 16

Thu 2017 Nov 16, 6:51pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

That was really great. I read it aloud, slowly and seriously, to Milady Webworker. She LOL'd heartily. "I did not see that one coming!"

Thu 2017 Nov 16, 6:49pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

'Nother amazing collection, bob! Most new to me, but a few I've seen before: I think College/Weed is among the most ancient meme classics - might've even seen it on CompuServe before there was a Web. Maybe not. :) Still funny, and you've given it good company.

Mon 2017 Nov 13

Mon 2017 Nov 13, 4:09pm
On PoliNation

"They only see the headline in any story and accept whatever they are told without question." That's no exaggeration, folks!

Milady Webworker reads deeply and broadly. She knows the knews! :)

Her childhood friend is now an actress whose name you might recognize.

While Milady managed to escape the atheistic thought-ghetto of Leftist Chicagoism in which she was raised, practically all of her old friends and family remain not just left but hard core left. As you can imagine, Milady rarely talks politics with them, which of course can be a real strain because with most of them (as you know) everything is politics.

Years ago, Milady was on the horn with her famous friend, and of course friend veered into politics. For the sake of friendship, Milady actually shaded the truth, demurring as if she didn't know much about things.

Famous friend scolded, "All you need to do is read the headlines! This has become a running gag with us ever since.

Never mind the "continued on page 20" where they buried the actual (and headline-contradicting) news in the 47th paragraph. Just read the headline!

And I don't think she meant Breitbart!! :D

Sun 2017 Nov 12

Sun 2017 Nov 12, 5:33pm
On PoliNation

"I did a post yesterday that mysteriously disappeared. I got it back, then this morning it was gone again."

I don't want to get all technical, but we computer experts call that the "Bob at NSA messing with us again" syndrome.


Gasoline in a grocery bag: when you think Stupid has surely bottomed out, you always find you're nowhere near the bottom. Wonder if one of them was smoking while doing this?