1st, define sin

I feel a to;dr coming on... and it's not time for a new thread yet... is it?

1st, define sin.

Evil = error, anything

Sin = willful erring, and we've all done that. While some strive not to err, some pretend they don't know better but they really do.

So, we try to just inform the erring, but must appeal to the sinner's idealism.

(Stage three for the path of sin is irredeemable iniquity, and that's hellacious.)

2. Moral authority

Is something a sin because the Bible, guru, church, or FLotUS says not to? For non-Fundamentalist non-Papal Authority folks, right and wrong can still be plain.

Moral transgression is a comprehensible interpersonal formulation, and personal righteousness, to understand and aspire to ideals intrinsic in Creation, can be appreciated without resorting to authoritarian doctrine. Almost as if we had some kind of innate sense of truth.

3. So is homosexuality a sin if you don't consider every word of Leviticus divinely inspired, or what have you?

First ask, is it error? Well, anything but coitus is, per species survival, functionally erroneous, so some believe there's just one way for two to tango... and no dancing! Yet mouths are fun. It's okay if you're married, isn't it, to... well... hey, just close the door!

It's not just the sex, though. It's the fundamental attraction. Who you want to wake up with. I can't fault anyone finding love ... or comforting companionship ... if you can get it. That has nothing to do with degrading gay porn parades or gay mafia agendas. I know some folks I believe were sort-of destined for homosexuality, others I believe are in the abused & confused group. Aren't we all, some way. Nobody's perfect.

I know a lot of what I used to think was okay I no longer believe is right. I'm grateful there's reported to be forgiveness for the sincerely repentant if I can ever work my way up from sin to sincerity. I'd do my best to help others avoid my errors and eschew sin.

And I've got a pile of stones here for anyone wants to be first to cast one.