A Disruption in the Time-Space Continuum

Where have I been? Lurking, working, and j... just busy, okay?

I see there's been a disruption in the time-space continuum today, approximately the size of Belgium. I mean Ace wielding mighty Mjolner.

Undeterred, fearless and foolish as ever, I return from lurkdom, bearing gifts of links.

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In the "Ace did it first" department (how long ago was his no-fap month?), an article about some pr0n addict trying to become master of his domain.


Within a year, he did what any red-blooded Google analyst would do. He started a website. Called NoFap, it refers to the slang term for masturbation. Rhodes calls himself and the habitues of his site "fapstronauts." The NoFap Reddit page now has 183,000 members, up from 70,000 three years ago.

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In the Obsessive-Compulsive department

The New York Times has published a column about Obama's nighttime routine.

Yes, he eats exactly seven salted almonds, every night.

I'll leave witty analysis of this to others.


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In BlazingCatFur's pretty pictures set for tonight, there is one of "Snowscape in Fenelon Falls area (Kawartha Lakes, Ontario)."


So, I thought I'd mention that. For our Fenelon.