A Techinickle Objection

Seamus Muldoon #21: Newsreel footage from that day (no plane spotted, alas):

Pardon a techinickle objection.

For some reason, on my Opera browser, a TinyURL link can take nearly a minute to load, meanwhile freezing up the browser. (Hates TinyURLs we does, yes.)

So, I sent the browser after Seamus's URL, and to kill the wait time went back to get a coffee refill. Suddenly there's newsreel voice yelling from the computer (fortunately did not awaken Milady, nearby). Ran to hit pause on the video. (Yeah, I should keep the mute on all morning, just in case, but forget to.)

Folks, YouTube has its own short URLs - click the "Share" button below the video - and they show up as "youtu.be" so you I know you're I'm going to the auto-play site.

That's my nannying of the day, worth twice what you paid for it. 2*0¢=unasked-for advice.

(Seamus knows all this - he uses TinyURL to mask YouTubes just to spite me.)