A Touch of Difference

Grey Fox: If a lioness can grow a mane and deeper-sounding vocal cords by sheer willpower, as the article suggests, then surely transgenders should be able to grow boobies/external genitalia as they wish without the aid of surgeons.

Not to throw a wet blanket on your funneh, but... methinx there may be a touch of difference between alteration in voice and hair color and those rather heavier alterations!!

Regarding the mane color changes: We once had a semi-feral momcat drop on us a litter of kittens that included three white ones. We could only tell them apart because one had a small grey streak on the left of her head, the other the same but on the right, and the third had none.

After two of them died, including the no-streak cat, the remaining one lost her gray streak. No longer a reason for it, we supposed.

*sigh* I miss all three of those long-gone little girls.