About the Weed Being Stronger Nowadays

About the weed being stronger nowadays.

I wonder. Back in the day, and I mean 'way back in the day, there was a *lot* of ditch weed. Medium level was the Mexican choking hazard, sometimes good, often terrible. The "good stuff" was harsh ol' Columbian.

Well, I was "fortunate" enough at times to try Jamaican Red (pretty), Thai Sticks (tasty), and other really good stuff. Black Afghani finger hash (fortunately for me, only available once).

At one point, I got some real Acapulco Gold that was better than anything else I'd ever tried... but at the same time got some "Brazilian" that made the Gold seem like ditch weed -- literally one (large) bowl had half a dozen people who had been sitting on the floor in a circle passed out on our backs, with the bowl unfinished. And these were not newbies but hearty used-to-it smokers.

So, it's probably greater availability and cultivation of the best stuff now.

Not proud or ashamed of the usage - I survived it with no more damage than most of you alkies.

Semi-autobiographical cartoon about weed smoking: