Ace's Top Five .238 BAC countdown

how the f does one email the Ace?

Searched front page in f'ing vain, but I have been known to miss the f'ing obvious.

I wanted to compliment his top five countdown post. and thank him for the hilarious f'ing drunk DA vids.

Indictment of Perry, top of the news on Fox top of the news on CBS-WBBM radio at midnight cdst . F you CBS, f u Fox, f the corporatist, f the communists, f the jihadis in particular, and anyway just in the name of fairness, f u, Perry, you RINO in conservative cloth.

Okay, that last one may have been overboard. I don't have a .238 BAC, though.


"Don't ruin my career, bro!"

Hi and probably good night, Gracies. I didn't get my nap this day, and its been an extra long one.

News you can use - 51st & Lewis in Tulsa is open again.

I highly recommend the comment on this page.
No, not my dumb comment. That earlier one about rules of engagement.