Actually Good Health News

" rice with a small amount of coconut oil-they used a teaspoon for every half-cup of rice-and then putting it in the refrigerator can reduce digestible starch, and calories, by more than 50%..."

Hey! This is actually good health news, curmudgeonly reporter Vic notwithstanding.

I'm not sure the coconut oil (which is good stuff anyway) matters as much as the refrigeration. Same thing works - cook, cool - on potato and other foods to convert some of it to 'resistant starch.' (Benefits remain when the food is reheated.)

Milady is more read up on this than I. Can't consult with sleeping beauty at the moment, though (h/t to chrissy at PoliNation blog for writing about resistant starch).

"Be careful reading health books," said Mark Twain, "You might die from a misprint."