Analog v Digital

JTB: Mindful, I use typewriters now for initial drafts and personal correspondence. For clean, corrected copy I use a computer. But the computer isn't for creative efforts, just finishing.

Reminds me of doing artwork. I've never acquired an art-input tablet - I hear some can be very good, but it's hard to imagine having the kind of control I get with brush and ink. All my computer art has been either scanned in, or drawn with a mouse - difficult, but I do what I can with what I've got.

I could see using a typewriter for creativity, I suppose, if I could scan it in and OCR. Otherwise, re-typing? No, thanks.

(Just typing this comment, I accidentally hit the right key combo to go back a page, and when I went forward, everything I'd typed was gone. That's the browser, not the computer per se, but still, the "joys" of digital erasure. Ugh.)

HH: ...wasn't the Qwerty setup designed to slow down typing? To prevent key jamming?

So I've read.

One thing nice about digital: back on my first computer, I did, briefly, try out the Dvorak keyboard layout, and while I never got as fast on it as I am on qwerty, I could see that it could be faster with practice. If they made a keyboard where the characters on the keys could be reset...

Like I don't make enough mistakes from fast typing on qwerty!