Another movie with Jesus as whispering wimpy hippie?

uh oh... caught up again. am I going to have to go read the Taxicab Depressions article, now?


Reviews on here have me thinking of seeing Winter Soldier in the actual theater. Last time I paid for sticky floors was the first Cap flick. But... but... $ to Hollyweird!! But... Captain sock the Nazis Jack F'ing Kirby flag-wearing America! But... Hollyweird...


Alternatively, do I want to go watch another movie with Jesus as whispering wimpy hippie? The trailer actually looked good - serious trailer style as If it were all new. And the story... even just the trailer gets me dusty-eyed. But... but...

Jesus doesn't have to be John Wayne. But when I think of rugged Galilean fishermen, I relate them to, for example, Oklahoma ranchers I've known. Devout, educated, practical-minded men. (See #271.) You don't get such men to abandon their lives and follow you with flashy miracles or sweet speeches. His very presence would have to be commanding. His gaze steady. His demeanor like granite, beyond all his spiritual presence and wisdom.

Tough to cast, so I've always cut dramatizations some slack, but... could he at least stand up straight?!?