AoSHQ Directive

AllenG: Okay... it's time to talk about something important with the Horde. ... medical directives, living wills ... Ace of Spades HQ directive ...

You forgot, what's the term? Porn buddy?


Long ago, in another millennium, one of the most active regular commenters on CompuServe Religion Forum was a certain elderly Texas Baptist preacher (also AF vet and scientist).

One day, he went dark. Then, after a few weeks, he showed up again, more powered to preach than ever, I noticed.

Then suddenly he disappeared again, and we got one last sad message from his account, his daughter announcing that he had died.

He'd never said a word about his health, but obviously that last burst was him doing his gospel best on his way out. You are not forgotten, Dr Jerry.

Friends known only through text are sometimes closer than the ones in the flesh.