Automated transportation study

Big Brother grabbed a reporter's car in Stranger in a Strange Land. Hardly a new concern. Same techniques, different mode. They can grab you now if they want to.Better not develop cells because NSA might listen in. Better not have cars at all because cops can read license plates... whut? c'mon!

I've pondered transport automation for forty years - it was part of my never-completed college thesis on the coming age of computers and how they would affect work, education, travel, and government.

I'm softer on automation than I was in my youth, but I wouldn't mind not having to pay attention on a long Interstate trip.

If it developed naturally, we could have another great advance in transport. But it won't happen right with Big Gov involved; Ford would have sold ten cars.

Much more fun than the college thesis was the month I spent last year creating a cartoonish collage with those long-pondered ideas. Here's the series. Not a quick or casual read, though.

Getting From Here to There begins at

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