Aw, Man. I Liked Tomlin

Morning, Glories!

Aw, man. I liked Tomlin on Laugh-In, of course, and I seem to remember liking her in that silly movie with Steve Martin. And Milady and I really, really enjoyed her one-woman comedy show in Chicago, long years ago.

She played different characters, against an audio track. She'd be a bag lady pushing a shopping cart, for example, and there'd be no cart, but the sound effect of squeaking wheels as she walked across the stage. At one point, the sound track broke, and while they fixed that, we were treated to several minutes of Tomlin coming down stage-front and talking to the audience directly about how the show worked and other things. Then the tech was fixed, and she slipped right back into character. Nice performance, all around.

So I am the big disappoint to hear about her new movie. Of course, if in the end they decide the abortion would be wrong, that would change a lot; yes I can dream. And since most people go to movies for feel-good, hard to imagine it'll be a big hit. Yay! The baby's dead! Let's watch it again!

Oh, well, we'll always have "We're the phone company. We don't care. We don't have to." to apply to so many things.