Back Again Before Engaging the Transporter

Back again before engaging the transporter.

Palpatine #527: angel... grabbed me one day and popped my upper back. ... Sounded like a bomb going off.

Heh. I expected our doc (a if not the top NUCCA guy) to do something painful, and I felt this gentle press on my neck, a little tiny "click" and he said he was done. I teased that he had one of those old Halloween clickers concealed in his hand.

Funny thing. After a car wreck in '78, I went in for a full check-up and the doc measured my legs and said, "you're a half-inch shorter on the right side than on the left. Has nothing to do with the wreck - you've been that way all your life." Recommended putting a #something insert in my shoe.

Some twenty years later, when I went to the NUCCA doc, he said, exactly the same, "You're a half-inch shorter etc." and then he said, "We can fix that." And by the time I walked out of his office, he had. A myriad of problems I never thought much about - and would never have thought were interconnected - went away as well.

I did feel like I was listing to one side that afternoon until I got used to having both legs the same length for the first time in decades.

I took a cousin to him - she was severely out of whack. I was across the room when he adjusted her, and it really sounded like a gunshot.