Bare breasts are a woman's right. And left. Usually.

As they say at Ace of Spades, VIDEO OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Oh, right... of course there's video. The guys in bikini tops, now that's disturbing.

Mores (not morals) change, and I am glad. Do we really all (women AND men) want to be covered neck-to-ankles at the beach again? These women in Asheville are safe, and that's nice. Where civilization reigns, full nudity in certain contexts need not be provocative, sexually inciteful, or degenerate. That woman reporter who got gang-raped in the Cairo riots met the harsher truth about cultural context, location, and appropriateness.

And where obesity reigns, I'm sort-of retro: bring back the neck-to-ankles thing!

Long additional meandering bunch of other salacious salient thoughts deleted. I'll edit, illustrate (ahem! tastefully), and post them later at my site, if I get a round tuit.

Meanwhile, for ladies only, here's a video about getting men to look you in the eye, and you know what I mean.

GoTopless Asheville - Ladies celebrate the right to bare breasts
Uploaded by AskAsheville on Aug 21, 2011

Forehead tittaes
Uploaded by hipsilon on Oct 30, 2010