Beautiful Country, Though

Lived in Santa Fe for a couple of years in the latter 1970s. Lived outside of Taos for a while ("extended vacation") when daughter was little; twin sons were conceived there. Milady and I really were into-it New Mexicans, for a little while, long ago.

We still import Chile Verde which Milady cooks up; that spicy dish is a regular part of our diet, the only real vestige of our Santa Fe days. Besides the boys.

New Mexico really is the "land of enchantment." It can enchant you right out of your good intentions, horse sense, and life savings if you're not careful. Only place I ever dealt with a gen-u-wine con artist; he ended up in prison right after failing to fleece us, but after ripping off a bunch of other people. And he was not all that uncommon a character, although most "pilgrim robbers" are more subtle and legal about it, like the guy who tried to sue me for a half million dollars.

Beautiful country, though. Never got out in that enough.

If New Mexico were socially and politically more like Oklahoma than Berkeley, it could be a good place to live. Maybe if you live in the eastern part of the state, snugged up to Texas and Oklahoma? Most of that is pretty empty desert, though. Pretty. But empty desert.