BIG Spider

Just popped in to share this...

Got home. Washed some dishes. When done, I looked at the wall next to the sink, and there's a garden spider - BIG spider - legs spread out, a couple inches across.

Now, I'm a kindly old hipster living in a not-that-tight home. We keep "bug cups" around the house for ladybugs, even wasps which we seem to get a lot of. And occasional tree frogs.

I am not a "wouldn't hurt a fly" guy - flies, ticks, skeeters, black widows and brown recluses DIE! But friendly bugs get caught in the clear plastic drink cup with a square of cardboard cover, and released outside.

So, I grab a bug cup and the cardboard and capture the big spider. I set my trophy down on a table for a moment, and I see these little dots crawling, radiating out from the spider, and even leaking out of the cup. SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH the escapee dots, rush outside, and HURL the bug cup, cardboard, and Mama spider 'way out into the yard. EEWWGGGHHHH.

There's not enough alcohol in the cupboard tonight.

Sweet dreams of butterflies and dragonflies, y'all.