Billy Jay Ray Bob's Empire of Ammo

Y'all c'mon down to Billy Jay Ray Bob's Empire of Ammo where we've got a midwinter special
that can't be beat.

We will, for a limited time only, allow you access to our fine, high-quality 3D printers, and ginormous library of patterns.

You come in, choose your pattern, print any li'l thing you choose, from a tiny earring to parts for a tank, we don't care, we aren't doing it, you're doing it! It's your God-given right to information, and whatever you want to do with it.

You pay only for printer time and materials, plus a small additional fee, for Billy Jay Ray Bob's retirement fund.

And when you're done at Billy Jay Ray Bob's, be sure to enroll next door at Larry's Lead Smeltin' Lernin' Center --"an educational facility."