FenelonSpoke: Padre Pio... could apparently bilocate...

I wasn't even aware that "bilocation" was a thing, or there was a term for it, until reading about this here, probably in a FenelonSpoke previous mention of Padre Pio.

I'd read about an instance of it, though... did I tell this before? It was in Miracle of Love, a posthumously-collected book of tales of the Neem Karoli Baba - the guru of Dr Richard Alpert (acid head cohort of Tim Leary), a/k/a Baba Ram Dass, the "Be Here Now" guy. There is a PDF of the book online at, but I'm going to tell this from memory rather than look it up.

The guru goes to a barber who gives free haircuts and shaves to holy men. While the guru is in the chair, the barber talks about his son, who is far away and from whom the barber hasn't heard in too long.

Halfway through the shave, the guru excuses himself to go urinate, then comes back and the barber finishes the shave.

Days later, the barber's son shows up. He tells his father that he was approached by a crazy old man with half a beard telling him that he had to immediately go see his father.

I always liked that story. ... That is m/l what "bilocation" means, right?