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♫ Brylllllcreme, a little dab'll do ya.
Use more, only if you dare! ♪
♫ Brylllllcreme, the girls'll all pursue ya.
They love to run their fingers through your hair. ♪

There was a time, oh, something over a half a century ago, when my older brother and I had matching "burr with a spur" haircuts. Short on top and sides, but a tuft left up front to which Brylcreme was applied to keep it upswept.

That's the extent of my familiarity with that stuff, but I always had to laugh at the jingle, thinking of the gal running her hand through the Brylcreme guy's hair, then wondering how she'll get the grease off her hand...

(Hmm. According to, what we had was something between a burr and a crewcut. Whatever.)