Cat Was a Seeker

Cat was a seeker. His songs had that quality of being just-off from finding, pretty common in that regard. By the time of Buddha and the Chocolate Box, I thought he was starting to Get It, and then he left-turned into Islam and quit music.

At the time, I was kind-of happy for him. He seemed to have found Something after so much desperate seeking. Not my Something, but if it brought him peace, cool. Seemed weird to me it would be Islam. But, whatever.

I've since better come to understand (cough* 9/11 *cough) that Islam has two faces. One face could be seen in that happy situation comedy Little Mosque on the Prairie, where Muslims were just other religious Canadians, normal neighbors. Yet you don't see a massive denunciation of the Jihadist faction by all those "normal" Muslims. That makes one face seem two-faced.

Now, I was raised in the Episcopal church, the origins of which are nothing to brag about, but the folks were decent. Is Islam inherently irredeemable, or can "reformed" Muslims ignore most of Mohammed and join civilization while still being "Muslim"? I know plenty of Christian folks who let me know I'm not "Christian." Of course, they're not trying to kill me as an apostate.

As one who grew up in the church of Henry the Beheader, I do give some theoretical bene of the doubt to theoretical "normal" Muslims. And I will extend that bene to all of those who actually denounce the Jihadis. And Koranic fundamentalism with its mighty nasty teachings.

So, yeah, that's why Peace Train boy is out there on tour these days denouncing the mass murderers and enslavers of women.

Isn't he?

Took my time writing that babble so others could wake up and chime in. Don't want to front-load the morning blog with my words. Save us, Vic Kanobi!