Celestial Scientists Humor

About time for me to go play in the so-called real world, so I'll drop my theological question du jour. In honor of this thread's demise, I expect.


The celestial scientists have standard-model worlds, and then they have experimental worlds where they get to try out variations. Yup, we're one of the experiments.

When you design the genetic model and drop it off on a planet, as they did here 550mya, you're going to have some surprises as evolution progresses.

One big intended success was that human will creatures appeared much sooner than normal. One big fail was the retrograde bacteria and viri. (There was a fix in the works for that, but it was undermined as a consequence of that Lucifer fellow disrupting things.)

Our mortal forms, then, are a combination of planning and experiment, but on the whole, planned, intended.

So, my question is, that celestial scientist who decided to have the tear ducts connect to the nose - assuming that was not a genetic glitch- so our deepest, tenderest, most emotional moments, fraught with lamentation's lacrymation, should end up with the frankly - if infantilishly - hilarious fact of snot and the resonant vibrato of nose-blowing... can I nominate that guy as an honorary Moron?