Chic Sale

A couple of little hardbacks Milady found in the resale store this week. Both by one Chic Sale. Both amusingly illustrated.

The Specialist, (c)1929, our copy is 24th printing, 1929, and, "I'll Tell You Why," (c)1930, ours is 1957. A bit long, at 27 and 45 pages respectively, for my web-induced null attention span, but I'm going to give them a try.

Photo of the books

The Specialist begins:

You've heerd a lot of pratin' and prattlin' about this bein' the age of specialization. I'm a carpenter by trade. At one time I could of built a house, barn, church or chicken coop. But I seen the need of a specialist in my line, so I studied her. I got her; she's mine. Gentlemen, you are face to face with the champion privy builder of Sangamon County. ...