Children who watch too much TV

Children who watch too much TV may have 'damaged brain structures'

That's what happened to me. Anyway, that's my sticky tuit story.

Blame TV. Just like they always told us.

You'll put someone's brain out with that thing.

"nlike learning a musical instrument, for example, programmes we watch on TV 'do not necessarily advance to a higher level, speed up or vary. When this type of increase in level of experience does not occur with increasing experience, there is less of an effect on cognitive functioning....'"

Of course, this may be using BBC....

Oh, wait... wait...

"Scientists also cannot be sure whether missing out on activities such as reading, playing sports or interacting with friends and family as a result of watching TV could be behind the findings, rather than TV being directly to blame."

Or a million other factors... ho hum.

Good Morning, folks!