Communist Relatives and Friends

Amazed and amused once again, Maet, at the topics you cover, some in concise depth.

They're not well-meaning people who are just a bit overzealous. They're horrible, nasty, awful people who want everyone who disagrees with them to be silenced and afraid.

Been thinking a lot about the trip to Chicago last year, visiting in-laws, staying at friends' houses. Democrats almost exclusively, and one of the houses we stayed at our hosts were genuine Communists. All very friendly, nice, amiable people, as a rule. The Communists live very well, and unless you examined their library, you might think them only average liberals. (NYTimes subscribers.)

Of course, we avoid any political discussions, or keep such topics to a bland level. Still, it's uncomfortable to be there and know what a huge gulf lies between them and our own Americanism, what they think of us or might think of us if they knew our principles, and how easily the fireworks could flare.

These are people we love dearly. It's really very sad.

Because, as Andrew B said, War!