Conservatives may be anti-homosexuality but it's the liberals who are anti-homosexuals

Excellent post. Kevin's remarks about how conservatives may be anti-homosexuality but it's the liberals who are anti-homosexuals (a distinction of great importance) should be widely circulated. I've related that to some hard-core conservative Christian folks, and they confirm, they believe they are commanded by God to "hate the sin but love the sinner." Here in the buckle of the Bible belt, there are, alas, still too many gay-baiters and gay-haters, just as there are still too many folks who would vote for an old shoe before they'd vote for any black -- or even a woman! Fools, young idiots, and the poor we have with us always. But they're not the good folks who are the majority, and in any case everybody knows we have to get rid of O'Bama.

Have to concur with /wiz, not about the original homosexual question, but on Cain & the Fed. That just bothers me. Also, Cain may have been great with Godfather's, but government is drastically different business. Cain's still relatively new to me and I'd like much more information. Also, why does his name have to be so much like McCain! :)

Solid, tested, government-experienced, flame-tested, but so far still non-candidate Palin would be preferable by far! Likewise, of course, non-candidate West. I don't know, but I can imagine either of them might give an answer similar to Cain's on homosexuality, albeit I can also imagine either of them being more politically adept in clarifying that such personal religious beliefs would not mean they would be politically against homosexuals.

The Republican convention determines the next Presidential election. I believe the People would will vote overwhelmingly and in a heartbeat for Palin over O'Bama, to the great shock and dismay of the arrogant and insulated left. The big question is, will the old guard RINOs rule the convention!

Shaping up to be the most exciting election cycle since 1968, and the most crucial since 1860.