Cut Back On the Morning Bourbon

Bruce Boehner: If a rapist flees destruction in search of a better life, you are not obligated to let them in your home. And if the camps are gross, the ones living there are at least in part responsible.
I hope they haven't tuned you. If they bit you less than 24 hours ago, you can still inject yourself with the progzombie antidote.

I'm having trouble parsing this, Bruce. Nothing about this particular individual being a rapist. I said nothing about obligations to let them in or anything else like that.

When you say, "I hope they haven't tuned you," do you mean "turned"? And do you mean me? As if. I'm inoculated for life by Moron Attitude.

You don't seem to have read my review very carefully. Cut back on the morning bourbon, maybe, there, Boener?