Dark Glasses

When one sees, as through dark glasses, one sees all the lines, all the details of shape, but misses the color values and the true balance of light; critical perceptions become extremely narrowly filtered.

So, when those who see more clearly describe things to the darkly envisioning, you seem to be talking about the same things, those details both can see. But you really don't see things the same at all. What value the one derives from the palette and luminosity is invisible to the other, to whom such an enlightened view seems insane.

The depressed, the confused, the emotionally driven, all see a partial picture through a distorting lens. They think they're getting the whole picture, but they're missing everything of value.

Unless and until the shades fall from their eyes, how can they be informed? Because, who are they going to believe, you or their own lying eyes, right?