Darwin wins

Re Moby:
"The heterosexual music-maker is so appalled by macho male culture he hopes his future children will be gay because 'they are less likely to get into a fight and less likely to date rape people.'"

Yeah. Gays never commit rape. Ever. They're all just sweet as cotton candy and just want to decorate apartments and sing Streisand.

Either his kids will be gay and childless, and Darwin wins, or they'll go heavy macho and hate Daddy's lunacy. Works either way.

Re John "Secret Dem" McCain:
Over the years of GWB's administration, despite objections to much of what he did, I repeatedly thanked God that we did not have Al Gore in the Oval Office on 9/11, and later that we did not get John Kerry. Hard to believe, considering who we did get, but I thank God that we did not get McCain as President. Obama has already proved far, far better for the country in the long run. In a horribly perverse way, of course.

It took Carter to get Reagan, but RR's legacy sort-of fizzled with his lessor successor. It has taken Obama to get Romney-Ryan, and I hope, even expect, when Pres. Ryan leaves office in 2028, we will be grateful for sixteen years of American improvement. Or SMOD. Whichever comes first.

The Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men. And the ways of the Almighty can be mysterious in the short-term perspective. But they work out.