Dear Kids

/rant on

Dear kids,

Don't screw critters.
Don't screw kids.
Don't screw people married to other people.
Don't screw unmarried people.
Actually, chemistry suggests, don't even French Kiss people you aren't married to.

Wait until you're married, and have fun then.

Be loyal to your spouse.
Think of your kids (real or future) first and foremost.
Think of your grandkids.
Don't do what you wouldn't want Gramma to know about.

If you think you're gay, seek counsel. Avoid nasty habits. Even if you're gay, monogamous fidelity is best.

If you think you like diddling kiddies, get help. Now!

If you think "polyamory" is cool, get help. And pray.

If you think your genitals are the wrong kind, get help. And thank God for who you really are.

Short form:
Keep it zipped. Or, for the ladies, cross the legs.
There is a lot to be gained by living a clean moral life.
Live it and you'll understand.

(Some) Christians will tell you, to be saved, you must
Believe every word of (their interpretation) of scripture.
Mary was a Virgin.
Jesus went to Hell.
blah blah etc etc

Just because something may or may not be true doesn't make it a fundamental of salvation.

Christians are often totally wrong.
Christ is not.

When a fellow asked Jesus what it took to be saved, Jesus replied,
Keep the commandments.
He even simplified it down to two sides of one coin, for those who can understand, but the old ten-or-so are good to study.

Like, that one about adultery that Jesus emphasized.

/rant off