Demigods of the Four Footers

I had just got through feeding our pack of four-footers, when I went online to find this fine documentary about life with cats! Cats, and whatever that thing is in the first pic.

We had storms all night. Thunder kept the dog at my bedside.

Pet, pet, pet, "it's okay boy," pet, pet, petttt… zzzzz zzz… Thunder crashes
OW! (dog claws at my arm)… pet, pet, pet, "it's okay, boy," pet, pet, petttzzzz… repeat.

Now he hasn't touched his food, and the cats didn't exactly come a-runnin' for theirs. Maybe they wanted to be fed outside, like nice days, and don't put it together that the porch is too flooded, critters!

Mostly, I suspect, as usual during stormy days, they want me to stop the wetness and bring back that big yellow ball of warmth, because, you know, to them, Mrs pet-god and I seem to be all-powerful server of feedings, pettings, light, warmth, and shelter. I try to tell them, yes, I am a god over you, but I have gods over me who run the weather - but they don't understand. Relativistic divinity is not in their theology.

(Sorry for long comment. Coffee just hit me, I think.)

Good morning, PoliNationals. God grant you a good day today.