Diabolical Narcissism

Howdy, folks. Thanks, MH - howz come you don't do this good a job on the morning dump? (hahahahaha just ribbing you - don' taze me, bro!)

Such a wonderful world... other than the horrifying parts.

Tonight's beautiful world pictures from BlazingCatFur (which I always view, thinking, I'd like to live on that planet!)

OTOH, here's Ann Barnhardt's "final" video, nearly three hours' worth, on "Diabolical Narcissism." I've only watched the first 1/2-hour, but haven't got a quibble with her yet... well, except where she says, "I was reading a piece that a woman had wrote...."

The hard part is watching this, reflecting on how much of my own life has been ruined either by the Diabolical Narcissism of others, or, most horrifyingly, my own. Not that I didn't already know it... but, always cringeworthy.

Sample the first 10 minutes, at least. Or 20. Or 30... (not now, of course; right now you've got to do ONT).