Discussion of the Iraq War And Justifications Therefor

Discussion of the Iraq war and justifications therefor recall to me a couple of things.

If memory serves, and I believe it does...

One, he tried to hit Kuwait with a missle and just barely overshot.

Two, he did hit Israel with a missle, but it was a dud. (Perhaps it proved what some have said, his scientists told Saddam they had WMD, but they didn't or more exactly didn't have them all working.)

Three, the Iraqi air force buried their planes because we phoned and told them if they tried to fight they'd not have an air force afterward, one of the most brilliant and hilarious war moves I ever heard of.

Four, when we marched into Iraq, the people were throwing flowers and holding up babies for our soldiers to kiss they were so grateful; you don't see that footage re-run on the Laughingstock Media, ever again!

Five, most infuriating about Trump in the debate, it wasn't Bush who lost Iraq to ISIS, bumbling as the after-invasion might have been, but Obama who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

If memory serves.