Disney is Going Full-Bore Feminitzi

Plunging right in without first taking the temperament of the ongoing thread...

Howdy, folks.

Disney, not satisfied with making live-action remakes of their classic animated features, is going full-bore feminitzi with...

...a sequel to Mary Poppins with Meryl Streep as Mary's cousin (ack ack)

...a sequel to one of the most perfect movies of all time, The Rocketeer, with a multi-gal set of Rockettes... I mean, Rocketeers (croak, cringe)


...a remake of Splash "with a twist" - Channing Tatum as a Merman (weep, gnash, grind teeth)

(If you'd asked me, I would've said someone named Channing was a gal. Must be thinking Carol.)

I don't often call for SMOD, but maybe at least a SMODlet could strike Hollywood? Soon, please?