Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce - heh. I read a lot of Cayce books, too, in my yout'. Learned that what I was reading was always what his handlers parsed out, and never did find anything that wasn't some "best of" like collection. Edgar Cayce on Nutrition. Edgar Cayce on Atlantis. Snippets. Might have liked to see more full, raw transcripts of his sessions.

It's been forty years and many words read since, so I only remember a bit of his work, but I remember thinking the Sleeping Prophet really did have something going on, actual visions as opposed to making stuff up. Whether that something was any % prophetic, I couldn't tell.

Most times, I think, even when the Spirit manages to squeeze a word in edgewise in our thinking, we immediately clutter it up with so many barnacles of our own ideas the original thought is practically devalued.

Many a wild Ism started that way, too, I'm sure!