Effect Relationship Simply Can't Be Processed

Mike Hammer: "Effect relationship simply can't be processed by their neural systems."

Succinctly put. But why not? I am not a psychotherapist but I play an armchair psychoanalyst on the web, but it seems painfully simple, really, 'though I won't match your conciseness.

If you understand you're part of a bigger reality (I would say, God's creation, but that's just me), you may learn, preferably vicariously by education but, if need be (feebly raises hand), the hard way, by experience, pain, and failure; but you are willing to be corrected.

If you think your subjective beliefs trump reality, you simply cannot learn better because you're always right in your own mind.. Narcissism, infantilism, whatever it might be called, seems like Vanity uber alles instead of a grown-up who can keep Ego on a leash.

"Thinks he's bigger than God."