Eleven or Twelve?

Colson quote: Well, that's nice, but...

Hey, wait! I wasn't going to comment on here again 'til someone else did. Oh, well... maybe I can hold off after this one. :)

A quibble. Defying two millennia of tradition, I never counted the guy the Apostles picked to replace the traitor as a "real" Apostle. Elected to the board of directors right before the corporation dissolved, in effect. Apostles to me meant those twelve expressly called by and taught and trained by Jesus. So, by my reckoning (of the Webworker Mail-Order College of Theological Studies), the Originals left to testify were only eleven. Colson wanted to make a parallel with 12, though, so, fine. As I said, a quibble.

There were of course plenty of other disciples to go forth and testify, and die for the Truth. How might Christianity have gone if Saul hadn't witnessed Stephen's sacrificing testimony!

Honestly. As a kid, I likewise thought it odd that Paul was called an "Apostle." Same reasons as the electee, plus, Paul never even met Jesus… you know what I mean, in the flesh. Historically speaking, though, I'd readily grant that Paul ultimately qualified a bit more for "honorary Apostleship" than the mysterious Matthias!! ;)

Wikipedia link to Matthias. I learned stuff.