Elusive Kitten

th #WildKittenDilemma

Several nights back, driving in the gate, we saw a little yellow kitten dart away, over the wall into the pasture.

Then, last night at the gate, we saw, first, a small possum, and just as it ran into the tall grass, there was the kitten again, who also ran into the tall grass. We stopped, turned off the car, and called kittykittykitty, but kitty didn't answer. (Neither did the possum.)

(The gate is mumbledydozen yards from the house. A lot for little bitty kitty legs.)

Kitty looks just like Charlie did when Max first brought him to us.

Charlie & Max -their story, March 5 pet thread:

We've had just the four cats for quite some time, and wonder how we ever managed to care for a dozen, back when we had lots of dogs, cats, and kids. Not really looking to take on another one.

But... But... But he's a cuuuuuute little yellow fellow like my dear Charlie! I hope the Spirit of Max will guide him up to the house.