Entire Group Held Hostage

FenelonSpoke: Weddings are not always my favorite things to do...

He said they didn't want some minister who would go off on some bizarre rant.

I was at a friend's wedding where that happened. Bride, groom, and entire group held hostage for unexpected lecturing.

I had told him of my ordination: My brother, a registered ULC minister, asked, "Do you want to be a ULC minister?" I said, "Yeah." He waved his hand and said, "Presto! You're a minister!" (I made up the "presto" part.) Official, by the rules of the ULChurch.

I said, I can do the ceremony like that. "Do you want to be married?" Both: "Yes." Waves hand: "Presto, you're married!" Followed by, "Now, let's party!"