Faithful's Tail

Anna Puma's black medium-haired (apparently) cat reminds me of our little gal Faithful. Faithful was probably the littlest cat we've ever had. Roxy was small in size, but fat.

Faithful's tail

My son called me from a gas station downtown one evening and said there was a little black cat that had come up to him, and was circling his legs.

At the time, we had something like a gazillion cats already (okay, five, plus a dog), and I told him, surely it belongs to someone around there, and absolutely, positively, do not bring that cat home.

Which was just as effective as when Buck wrapped himself around said son and his brother at an Illinois rest stop. (Buck's tail

Son named her Faithful after some cat in a fantasy book he'd read. She had one ear with a folded-over tip.

She was skittish (as small cats can be) but very affectionate and liked to ride on Son's shoulder. Like a pirate's parrot.

She lived at the office for a while. Liked to shred the wallpaper. She really liked to sit in Milady's lap while she meditated, and on my lap as I sat at the computer.

Later, she moved in with our son in his own apartment. But she would get outside and they worried she'd get hit by a car.

When the rest of the clan went out of town for a bit, she moved to the farm where I could watch her. She stayed out there after that. She really liked being outside, was frequently up on the roof or up a big mimosa (the tree not the drink).

She got weak and sickly briefly before she died. I found her one morning in a difficult position I don't want to relate, and she only lasted a few minutes after that - long enough for Milady and me to be with her at the end.

Wrote about her death, on the morning thread, 2014 Dec 4.
Received many condolences from the Horde.

Faithful was a good kitty, still much missed years later. And the shredded wallpaper remains as a reminder...

(...although Merlin has helped continue her redecorating work.
Merlin's tail: )