Ferreting Out the Truth

Argh! Browser tricked me and I clicked thumbs-down on Pete's "Snatch-and-Grab Tax" comment. I didn't mean it, Pete! How do I thumb-back-up? Ah, there we go. Changed it. Whew.

Following up on the ValJar Stanford U 1977 quote poster from yesterday (or was it Monday?), Diann at All the Right Snark reposts the graphic and says,

I have searched and searched and I cannot find the source of the quote on this image. I have found articles that refer to this quote as something Jarrett claimed while a student at Stanford University, but cannot find the source. If you have found it, please share it in the comments section. The Examiner credits Victoria Jackson, but for the life of me, I cannot find any original source.

If it’s true, it is disturbing to say the least.

But, Diann concludes as we did, "When you look at the evidence, that quote attributed to Valerie Jarrett begins to sound more and more feasible."