First Day Pain-Free in a Week

Back from a bunch of chores, and I can tell you missed me.

Speaking of the bright side, first day pain-free in a week or more.

Neuritis, neuralgia, bursitis, nostalgia... what wuzzit?

Looked up bursitis last night, and the symptoms fit. But nothing about how they manifested in me. Pain in right shoulder for a day. Then in left shoulder for a day. Then, left elbow. Left wrist. Left hand. Right wrist. All for one day each. The climax was, back to the right shoulder in sharp agony - can barely raise my arm or hardly think for the pain - for a day and a half. Then, all better. What the f is up with that?

The illustration of an inflamed bursa in the shoulder sure looked just like how mine felt, though.

Causes and cures for bursitis were especially good.
• Warm up before exercise - sure, sure.
• Don't do things that inflame the bursas. Right.
• Be under forty - oops.
• Ice packs might help. Surgery rarely.
Wow, thank you Dr Interwebz.

The Heavenly Designers had a dark sense of humor.

Milady finally gave me a big dose of magnesium-something yesterday, and I'm all well today, so she can take credit. This is the secret of doctors and teachers, too (eg get kids when learning is all they do, hang around them, take credit for their learning).

(Credit where due: the Dentist who took out my kids' wisdom teeth, checking later, says, "All healed up. Isn't that great? We have no idea why that works!")

Was that random enough? Just gushing because I'm not in pain. Feel like I got ten years back. Gotta enjoy it before the Next Thing happens...