Grumpy met grumpy at the wrong time

From being a kid, a spouse, a parent, kinda seems like grumpy met grumpy at the wrong time and a door slammed. Grumpy and Graceful don't coexist. Graceful defuses, grumpy exacerbates.

Academically, I'm amused at the expression of absolute power by the Owner. Just as I was 'way back in the CompuServe & BBS days, when some tried to insist on their "right" to post anything on private services. (I co-sysop'd on a CIS forum briefly once, when a long-time regular I deeply respected went banworthy over something. I did not need that!) It's amusing, because the Communists consider it Unfair. But Free people recognize, Get Off My Lawn is not about you; it's not your lawn!