Halloween Bluegrass


Haven't you learned yet to be careful what you ask for, even here in the garden? (heh)

Once upon a time, when the kids were teens, our family tried to have a business that served good food and music for all ages. I say "tried to" because business is supposed to be profitable. We served up a lot of good food and music for a couple of years, though. We usually had all kinds of rock on Friday and Saturday nights, much of it very good rock (and some awful), but one of my favorite aspects was Bluegrass/Folk night, usually on Thursdays. And one of my favorite B/F nights was always the one for Halloween.

While we videotaped an awful lot of the shows, all that stuff is locked up on VHS, and most of it requires more BIA and ASCAP payola than we could afford. Nevertheless, we did rip a couple of samples of our Bluegrass artists from the Halloween show, 2002. (MP3 files)

Trish Webster sings Oh, My Darlin' Frankenstein

Allan Cowell, with his wife Trish, started the Bluegrass nights by coming in one day and saying, "We want to be your house band." I thought, "Yeah, sure, stranger." They showed us! Here's Allan Teaches Monster Mash.

Just listened to these for the first time in many years. Funny & fun.

Three of our four most-regulars, L-R, remarkable guitarist Galen Brown, Trish, and Allan: